Welcome To Dry Creek Hill

Our little hillside in the Texas Hill Country has 2 dry creeks. The larger of the two lies at the foot of the bluff on our west side. Our property line runs in and alongside the meandering creek bed. The rough ground makes it tough to define exact boundaries, but after a long search we managed to find the surveyor medallion defining a corner of our 8 acres. It was firmly planted in a slab of granite in the center of the creek.

The creek at the foot of the bluff

Water seldom flows in this creek except in rainy seasons. It’s usually a small trickle if it’s anything, but occasionally we’ll have a strong rainstorm and the water will flow deep enough to close the bridge on our street.

The smaller creek runs diagonally across the lower part of our property and empties into the larger creek. Water only runs in the small creek during and immediately after a strong rain. Most of the time it is a rocky path through the trees. It makes a handy path for the deer and other wildlife.

The small creek

We’ve been here a little over 20 years now, the longest either one of us has ever lived in 1 place. We’ve tamed the center of our property a bit but have left the rest as untouched as possible. We hope you enjoy this look at the Hill Country and our little piece of it.

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