Dry Creek Hill


We live on a hillside in the Texas Hill Country. We never lived anywhere more than 5 consecutive years before, but after over 15 years here it looks like we’re firmly planted in this rocky soil.

I was a psychologist, professor and dean in a previous life. Life stopped being fun after enough years in the academic world and I walked away without regrets. My wife Loretta, an interior designer and several-times business owner, was happy to grab our cat Taylor, jump in the RV, and leave with me. We’d never been campers or owned an RV before, but it seemed like the most economical way to bail out of one life and find another. After a few years we landed here on what we’ve come to call Dry Creek Hill.

A proud doe with her new fawn

We spend our time tending to the property and wildlife, scouting out the area, and herding cats. The woods were full of feral cats when we moved in and after a trapping, spaying and neutering campaign we fed and tended to over 70. We finally stemmed the tide and made a lot of furry friends in the process.

Silver Streak, Comet, Wally, and Stoney (lower level, left to right) with Mini-Mo on top.

We both enjoy photography. Loretta has more experience than I do and loves to work in the digital darkroom. I try to stay out of her way (often unsuccessfully) by playing a lot of golf and wandering around.

There’s plenty to see in the Texas Hill Country and this site will ramble through the hills and valleys. But life is primarily lived in the spot where you’re planted and the views on and from Dry Creek Hill sustain us day to day.

A Guide To Dry Creek Hill

The Walk: Posts on or about Dry Creek Hill itself, from wildlife to wildflowers to views over the valley.

The Ramble: Posts about the local area and the Texas Hill Country. Zen on the Medina is an example of a typical Ramble post. A few posts will ramble far afield and roam aimlessly amongst my neurons. The only topic off-limits is politics. There’s plenty of that to be found elsewhere, and I’ve had enough of it.

The Cats: There are 2 submenus here. Cats of Dry Creek Hill is a link to our book on Amazon. Feral Fridays has regular posts and photos (usually on Friday) introducing our cats. They’ve been a big part of our lives here on The Hill and deserve their own category.

Photos: A link to Loretta’s Smugmug page. Higher resolution photos of some of what you see on Dry Creek Hill and other things that just caught Loretta’s eye may be found there.

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