Feral Cat Fridays: Meet Mr. Stoney

I’ve mentioned Stoney several times because he was such a pivotal member of the feral cat colony that he pops up in the sketches of many other colony members. Stoney deserves several weeks to himself and today I’ll give you a quick look at his personality and his role in the colony.

Stoney became top cat as he matured. If any cat ever ruled with a velvet paw, Stoney did. This little interchange shows Stoney giving affection and a gentle lesson to young Turk, a new arrival who later became one of our house cats. Streak, Stoney’s prime lieutenant, waits and feigns a lack of interest in Stoney’s meeting with Turk.

First, Turk horns in on a serious discussion between the colony leaders.
Streak pretends to enjoy the scenery and leaves Stoney to deal with the interloper. Turk is delighted with having Stoney to himself.
Stoney lets new arrival Turk feel at home, but there’s a limit to how long this can go on.
Stoney says “That’s enough, kid.” Streak gets up and acts interested in something under the deck. He knows the business meeting will resume soon.
The big guns get back down to business. Streak reports on the state of the colony as Stoney considers the implications.

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