Feral Cat Fridays: Robin Fuzzy-Breast

You’ve already met 3 of the members of the crime-fighter litter (Batman, Starsky, and Hutch), so let me introduce Robin, the final hero. Unknown to us, Fuzzy was nursing a litter in the woods for several weeks. She brought the crime fighters up to the house and into the colony when she decided they were ready for public viewing.

The crime fighters arrive. That’s Robin at the bottom of the frame, looking up.

Robin was an unassuming, but friendly, member of the feral cat colony. Mom Fuzzy was liked by everyone, be they feline or human, and Robin took after his mother. As you can see from his fur blowing in the spring breeze, he also inherited his mother’s coat. (The “which one of these does not belong” white cat in the photo is Fluff, a competitor for Fuzzy’s title of “Miss Congeniality.”)

A fluffy cat show. From left to right, it’s Fuzzy, Robin, Batman, Fluff.

I’ve briefly mentioned Robin before as a member of the Three Musketeers–Duff, Scamper, and Robin. If the Musketeers had a leader, it was Robin. He often led the parade as they went out on patrol, and Robin held the place of honor on the pedestal when they took an afternoon break.

That’s Scamper on the left, Duff on the right, and Robin in charge.

But Robin wasn’t picky about his friends. If his BFFs weren’t handy he was happy to hang with anyone, as long as the weather was good and the verbena was blooming.

Robin visits shy Motley as she hides in the verbena.

2 thoughts on “Feral Cat Fridays: Robin Fuzzy-Breast

  1. shoreacres

    Look at those blue eyes! I smiled at that pedestal post, too. That’s exactly the way Dixie Rose used to drape herself on the back of a living room chair to watch the outside birds. It’s interesting that the squirrels will assume the same pose on a limb from time to time. It must be comfortable.

    1. Charles Prokop Post author

      I see photos of big cats draped over trees, too, so it must be a comfortable position for a lot of animals. Our indoor cats also like to drape themselves over chairs and sofas the same way. And that photo of the litter with blue eyes really illustrates how kittens begin with blue eyes and then change to their adult eye color. None of those cats had blue eyes after they matured.

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