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Sunday Photos: Chupacabra And The Toolbird

We found this bicycle-riding fellow at a Mexican imports shop in Bandera, Texas. When we asked the owner what he thought it was, he laughed and said he’d come to think of it as a Chupacabra. Sounded fine to us.

A Chupacabra on a bicycle is a dangerous fellow.
Just look at those hollow eyes!

We found this guy at an arts & crafts fair in Kerrville, Texas. There’s no question about his species. He’s a Toolbird, through and through.

Need a little work done on your nest? Just call on Toolbird.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Photos: Chupacabra And The Toolbird

    1. Charles Prokop Post author

      I admire the creativity behind the toolbird, but the whimsy of the Chupacabra is wonderful. His only flaw is that the leaning flower pot you see on the back of his bicycle rusted out. Fixing that is on my to-do list, but it’s a minor issue for such an otherwise endearing character.

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