There’s More Light In The Hills Than On The Stage

Here’s what the cats and I saw from the driveway last night. It was my first try at catching the lights in the hills and the sunset, so I learned a few things about the exposure and I’ll try again. Next time, I’ll be trying try to see how dark I can let the hills get (so more lights come on) and still have decent color in the sky. Maybe I can switch lenses and cut out the less interesting darkness up front, too.

The pinpoints of house lights in the hills are hard to see, but they’re up near the ridge top
You can see the lights a little better in this crop

Just after taking this shot I gave watching the presidential debate a try. I lasted 10-15 minutes.

3 thoughts on “There’s More Light In The Hills Than On The Stage

    1. shoreacres

      And, as I was going to say before I got over-eager for my coffee cup, I really like seeing the house lights in the hills. At Christmastime, I always look for the windmills with stars on top. To really shine, lights need some darkness.

      1. Charles Prokop Post author

        I never tire of looking at those lights. I’ve watched them go from just a few to a lot more over the years we’ve been here. Although it means a more crowded little corner of the world, I still love the lights. I tried last night to get a shot that showed more lights, but haven’t had the opportunity to see what I got yet. I’ll post my results when I get the chance.

        The hills light up a little more at Christmas, and that’s always a treat to see. We hung a star at the peak of our roof for several years but lost easy access to the power plug after some construction. I’m hoping I can work out a solution for this Christmas so we can contribute to the light show once again. We also used to drape the deck rails in lights, but the cats put an end to that.

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