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100% Genuine White Chunks

I got these cookies a while ago in recognition of the manufacturer’s honesty. None of that “Imitation White Chocolate” here, just an honest “White Chunk”. I’m not sure what makes them Ultimate White Chunks, but they were just fine, thank you very much.

Of course, some might argue that “Imitation White Chocolate” is oxymoronic. After all, white chocolate is debatable chocolate to begin with.

Yes, I know white chocolate contains cocoa butter, but so does skin lotion. I don’t put skin lotion on my ice cream and I don’t think I want it in my cookies. I do like white chocolate, though, even if its genealogy is at issue.

But white chunks is so much more straightforward. No debate required.

2 thoughts on “100% Genuine White Chunks

  1. shoreacres

    I couldn’t help wondering: could there be chunk pumpkins, and are they white?

    Humor aside, I realized I didn’t know much about white chocolate, so I did a little exploration. It seems the first white chocolate product in the US market, the Alpine White bar, was released by Nestlé around 1948. It included almonds, which may help to explain why my mother and her friends produced white chocolate almond bark every Christmas in the 1950s.

    1. Charles Prokop Post author

      I kept struggling with the “chunk as noun and adjective” problem while I wrote the post, wondering about the same thing as you. I kept wondering if the white chunks were inside the pumpkin or if the entire pumpkin was a white chunk.

      I had to do white chocolate research as well. I’d always wondered why it was called chocolate and learning about the cocoa butter did a little to excuse the name. I still can’t really think of it as chocolate, even though I do like it. And I remember almond bark around Christmas, too. We had a neighbor that was big on making it.

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