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Meta, Ironic, or Just Plain Funny?

Like everyone, I get a lot of junk email and comments offering to help me make money at whatever business someone imagines I’m conducting. The screen shot at the end of this post is of part of a message I got from an email marketing firm.

It’s hard to read in its original size, so here’s what it says:

“Sending emails to millions of prospective clients may seem easy, but getting through filters and actually getting your message inboxed by decision-makers is a lot harder than it looks. My team has mastered getting the ‘inbox’ of key managers and would gladly help you with sales and lead prospecting.”

My spam filter routed the email to my junk mail folder. Maybe they need to master that system a little more? Or maybe they are extra clever and think I’m more likely to respond if I find it in my junk mail? They may have been right about that, I suppose.

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