Meet Mama, Our First Feral Cat

Meet Mama, the first feral cat we befriended. She appeared in our yard when a cold front blew in and we took pity on her as we watched her huddle under a rosemary bush for shelter. We took food to her and in a few days we were taking food out every morning and working on a rudimentary shelter. She kept her distance and was very skittish, but she appreciated the food and protection from the cold winds.

Mama, the first feral we befriended.

If we had jumped on our trap, neuter, vaccinate, and release program more quickly than we did she would have had a different name. You can tell the photo was taken before she was spayed because her ear is not tipped. We eventually realized we needed to do something about the situation, but Mama, her descendants, and others who wandered onto our property became a major focus of our lives.

This is what my mornings became after a few years.

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